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  • 7 modules with videos teaching you powerful breath practices

  • Journal Prompts to help you dive into your mindset and thought patterns

  • Challenges to push you out of your comfort zone and make you more resilient

  • A private Facebook group for support and accountability with special LIVE breathwork sessions

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by Kirsten Scheel

“I have worked with Taylor at various events over the last year from Fire & Ice sessions, Breath Workshops, and a consultation! When he started his virtual Breathing for Athletic Performance class, I was PUMPED. It’s for anyone and everyone. We do a warm-up, which includes waking up the breath and the body; followed by a workout that is typically nasal only. We have done everything from a Tabata-style workout to a circuit-style workout. It’s never been the same. At the end of class, we do a short breath session. This has been helpful for me to have a chance to successfully apply breathing techniques during a workout (yay, accountability!) and then take them to life, runs, and other workouts. I can say for me, this has continued to bring more awareness to how I am breathing and how I can use my breath to work with me instead of against me!”

Matt Shorter

Hands down highly recommend and love Symmetry, especially the Breath and Performance Workshops! I am blessed to have found Taylor and thankful that he is in Memphis sharing his knowledge on the power of the breath! Taylor is truly there to help calm you down, be a friend, show compassion and understanding all while training you to use breathing concepts to increase your physical and mental endurance and strength responding to stressful situations. Symmetry has opened my eyes to a whole new way of approaching the daily stresses of life by using something so simple and always accessible, our breath. If you feel hurried, rushed, inpatient, frustrated/stuck with your aerobic capacity, or if you’re looking to increase and grow upon your physical and mental endurance, adding Symmetry into your life is something I highly recommend, you won’t regret it! In a completely natural, simple way of using our breath with the oxygen around us, you will feel at peace and relaxed and increase your mental clarity/awareness. Taylor is amazing and I’m thankful that he has opened my eyes to a new outlet for de stressing, recovering, and enduring training!

Hillary Gish

As a longtime surfer and AG triathlete I started using breath work exercises to improve my athletic performances. While new to breathing exercise I have learned the correct way to breathe, which has improved in my overall athletic performances. In addition, and what I didn’t expect was the added benefits while using the different breathing tempos or the breath mechanics work was the sense of clarity and calmness. I have added the use of breath work to my daily workout routine, and I especially use it during any stressful situations, which has for me instantly reduces the stress. I am very grateful for this, thank you, Taylor! I would recommend this to any athlete trying to improve in his or her athletic performance. Hillary in SD

Kenneth Rix

I am a life long endurance athlete ultra running, Nordic skiing, ocr …..Plus my profession I am a health and conditioning professional with my own practice and have been using breath work for the last 2 years and Taylor endurance program is fantastic and I would recommend it to all levels and sports. This program will help everybody from weekend warriors to elite people training for their sport. But this program can change your lifestyle by the management of your stress and stressful lifestyle by using breath. this is to everyone start here and you will be ready to take your breath and training to new levels.

Clay Jones

I have loved working with Taylor to improve my relationship with stress - just like his slogan says. This concept was fascinating to me when I first heard about it from him and is something I now think about on an almost daily basis as I apply the principles and techniques Taylor has taught me through 1:1 conversations, group breathing classes and ice/heat experiences! I have 4 little kids and started my own business so to say I can feel stressed is an understatement. I particularly wanted to work with Taylor because I desired to better control my relationship to stress when I am around my kids in how I react to the crazy things that can occur in our busy household! This has really made a difference in my ability to be a better father and not loose my cool as much as I am improving in my ability to focus on my breath and my reactions through what he has taught me. I have also worked on applying his breathing techniques during and after my workouts to help bring focus and endurance as well as to best recover from these. I have noticed a huge difference both during and after. I then absolutely loved his “fire and ice” experience as it was a major challenge to calm myself and focus my breathing during the ice baths - I’m so thankful I did it and look forward to the next time! I look forward to challenging myself with one of his pool workouts as well. Overall, I highly recommend Taylor to anyone who feels that stress controls them and not the other way around and are in need of some very practical and tangible tools to help you navigate that. What he can teach you with his depth of knowledge as well as his real life experience can be extremely helpful in ways you may not expect. For me, these physical tools Taylor teaches and works you through are not just about improving your recovery from being active (though it does that), but it is way more than that and something I’m very thankful to have learned.


Taylor Somerville

Taylor Somerville founded Symmetry after working in the investment business for 15 years. Going through a divorce in 2014, Taylor discovered breathwork as a way to deal with the stress and anxiety in his personal and professional life. Through breathwork, Taylor was able to learn how to respond to stressful situations in a productive manner rather than reacting. In 2017, after seeing the positive changes in himself, Taylor felt a calling to help others with improving their own stress management, anxiety, athletic performance and overall health and wellness. We all struggle with these issues at some point in our lives but there are tools we can use to better prepare ourselves to handle stress. Now, Taylor focuses on teaching you these tools to empower yourself. He wants you to take control and help you improve your life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Breath and Performance

    • Intro video

  • 2

    Module 1: Proper Breathing

    • Module 1 video

    • Module 1 Handout

    • Benefits of Nasal Breathing

    • Why is the Diaphragm Important?

    • Problems with Mouth Breathing

  • 3

    Module 2: CO2 Tolerance

    • Module 2 video

    • Module 2 Handout

    • The Importance of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and the Bohr Effect

    • Taking your BOLT score

  • 4

    Module 3: The Breath as a Remote Control

    • Module 3 video

    • Module 3 Handout

    • Spectrums of the Breath

  • 5

    Module 4: Apneas a.k.a Breathholds

    • Module 4 video

    • Module 4 Handout

    • Benefits of Apnea Training

  • 6

    Module 5: Superventilations

    • Module 5 video

    • Module 5 Handout

    • Benefits of Superventilations

  • 7

    Module 6: Cleansing Breaths

    • Module 6 video

    • Module 6 Handout

    • Benefits of Cleansing Breaths

  • 8

    Module 7: Putting it all together

    • Module 7 video

    • Module 7 Handout

    • Exploratory Breath Session

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